A Remarkable Place in Macau Where Portuguese Cultural Heritage in Asia is Served for Your Five Senses.
Telephone: (853) 2831 3193 or (853) 2831 3195
Address: Av. Almirante Sergio, no. 289 AA, G/F - Macau (China)
Closed on Tuesdays


Five hundred years after the arrival of the first Portuguese caravel, Macau has transformed into an International City that has kept the particularity of its multicultural trademarks in the old buildings architecture, in the language still spoken by the locals and specially in the cuisine.

"A Lorcha" itself is not only a restaurant that serves delicious food from the 500 years of Portuguese Cuisine inherited in Asia but also a master piece of art decorated like the interior of a lorcha vessel.

We endeavor in offering our customers the best dining experience they can have in Macau bringing a centurie-long cuisine resulted from the combination of Portuguese sailors with the local Chinese community.


A few comments from our beloved customers

"I traveled 5 hours by plane just to visit Macau and try the Traditional Portuguese Restaurant. It happened that we went to visit an old chinese temple and we found a Lorcha in the vicinity. The entrance and the interior is just amazing. It has an incredible atmosphere and good feeling. Our dining experience is something that we will be remembered forever!" - Kanako I., Fukuoka, Japan

"One of the best features of a Lorcha is the service that is spectacular and along with the exceptional food and ambiance, I have also spoken about a Lorcha to my family and Friends in Korea" - Seo-hyeon K., Seoul, South Korea

"I did not visit many restaurants in Macau but I doubt there is one restaurant with so much tradition and cultural feeling of ancient Macau in the walls, in the air and in the food. Really worth of the visit!" - Alessandra C., Milan, Italy 

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